We’re here for you and our community, providing a wonderful and friendly place to worship God with people just like you. 
Rev. Joseph Hall

How to find us

Morning Worship
Join us for our morning worship starting at 11 a.m. We sing, enjoy a time of fellowship, hear a song from our choir and a special musical presentation before the message from Rev. Joseph Hall.
Sunday School
We have classes for children, teens and adults. We begin services at 10 a.m, right before our morning worship.
Evening Worship
Once a month, we hold an evening service. Check our schedule in the bulletin. We meet at 6 p.m. for another time of fellowship and worship.
Wednesday Night
Prayer Meeting
Come join us at 7 p.m. in a relaxed setting for another lesson from the Bible. We’ll take prayer requests, too.
Children’s Church
We have a place for your children to learn about God, too. They meet in another part of the church during the 11 morning worship service.
We provide a full-service nursery service. You can leave your child with us while you attend any of our services or you can make yourself comfortable there with you and your child.